The Very First Business Plan


Posted by RayMo at Tuesday, September 9, 2014

In early 2008, myself and a few colleagues of mine had this AMAZING idea (as all entrepreneur’s believe it’s the very BEST idea) about the revolution of CV’s or normally called, resumes. At the time, the internet was going through a vast variety of change. I was studying business and finance, so it was natural that the websites that I’ve frequented were,,,, and of course, because I am a huge basketball fan.

What I’ve noticed throughout these preceding months were an overwhelming adoption of short video’s being displayed on the homepages of these websites. I also started to notice the change elsewhere with blogs, forums, etc.

Hence, the opportunity to enter a business plan competition prompted myself, and two friends to draft our very first business plan for We proposed to create a new way for applicants to stand out among the thousands of new graduates entering into a recession era. Instead of just providing a piece of paper in .pdf or .doc format, we we’re proposing that applicants apply with a short video resume.

Though, this idea and business plan did not go very far into the competition, there were many key takeaways that live with me till this day.

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