Commute Comfortably to FiDi from Woodhaven, Queens


Posted by RayMo at Thursday, March 24, 2016

Are you one of many commuters, working professionals, or even a blue collar worker that’s daily commuting to the Financial District? How is your commute? Chances are, if you’re new to New York living, you may be taking the good ol subway. The closest subway station could either be 85th St./Forest Parkway, 104th St. or Woodhaven Blvd. and it would be the J, Z subway.

However, for me, after living in Northeastern part of Queens for a quarter century of my life, I was introduced to the Express bus. The express bus is basically a coach bus, just like the one’s which one would ride on a Greyhound bus from the Port Authority. The express bus runs along Jamaica Ave. in Woodhaven and it’s the QM15. The link is here:

It costs $6.50 one way vs. $2.25 taking the subway. Now, why would anyone pay close to 2.5x the fare of a subway ride? My opinion, I stopped getting sick 3x a year. I’m sure if you’ve been commuting for more than a full year, you’ll know very quickly how easy it is to get sick, just because one person on the subway train that you’re sitting on left their germs on the rail/seat. Also, you get a more comfortable seat, period.

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