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Hands down, super excited, my favorite holiday! Every year I look forward to this holiday because it’s just a day to be thankful for everything that we currently have and everyone that has come before us. Family time is always a great time. Drink up!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


I can’t even say that I’ve been to the Spa Castle in College Point, Queens, but I’ve been to King Spa in NJ and if it’s anything like it, it’s definitely a great place to relax and pamper thy self once in a while.

However, I’m very excited about the venture Spa Castle is working on in Midtown. This wonderful city of ours has not only brought Ice Bar’s into the area, we’re talking about full on spa’s atop the most busiest city of the world. The city that truly never sleeps and if there’s one thing for sure, they chose a great location where many private hedge funds call home.

For it’s latest news: – Not even the big players can stop their surge into the area.



I’m super excited the NBA season is back! I can already tell that it’s going to be very difficult staying away from watching the games this season. I can recall watching many basketball games with my very good friends Navraj and Steve, but now they both are either not in town or leaving town! Leave NYC? Big move.

Time sure does fly! Watching basketball was great – It gave more the reason to hang out. I’m just watching the highlights from last nights game and we’ve already got some injured players and some all star hand pointing scuffle!

With the upcoming holiday this week…I even decided to carve my first pumpkin ever with two wonderful ladies!

Can you tell which one is mine?

Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Patch

This was my first time experiencing visiting a cider mill and it was right in the backyard of the Albert H. Schmitt family farm ( Surprisingly, the first thing I went for was pumpkin picking. Naturally, I went for the biggest pumpkins laying there on the lawn, but of course, I then opted for smaller pumpkins. They sold by weight and I had wanted to try all their other goodies like fresh popcorn, cookies, apple pie, and fresh apples. With beautiful weather and great company, why else can I complain?


In early 2008, myself and a few colleagues of mine had this AMAZING idea (as all entrepreneur’s believe it’s the very BEST idea) about the revolution of CV’s or normally called, resumes. At the time, the internet was going through a vast variety of change. I was studying business and finance, so it was natural that the websites that I’ve frequented were,,,, and of course, because I am a huge basketball fan.

What I’ve noticed throughout these preceding months were an overwhelming adoption of short video’s being displayed on the homepages of these websites. I also started to notice the change elsewhere with blogs, forums, etc.

Hence, the opportunity to enter a business plan competition prompted myself, and two friends to draft our very first business plan for We proposed to create a new way for applicants to stand out among the thousands of new graduates entering into a recession era. Instead of just providing a piece of paper in .pdf or .doc format, we we’re proposing that applicants apply with a short video resume.

Though, this idea and business plan did not go very far into the competition, there were many key takeaways that live with me till this day.


During a brief stint at my previous employment, I had needed to find time within my hectic daily schedule to study for the CFA exam. Mind you, this was just level 1. To me, I can certainly see it as a failure, but to others, it could be seen differently. I was working almost 55-70 hours a week and commuting almost 2 hours a day just to get home. I made an investment to rent a nearby office space for a few hours after 6PM to study. My first night was dreadful, just take a look at these paper blind’s that I needed to take off every day.

I really tried and stayed persistent, but perhaps, it just wasn’t enough.


This beautiful shot was taken nearly 3-4 years ago in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. At the time, I can recall that I was walking along the Smorgasburg fair. This past year however, this view was entirely encompassed by construction. You can get more information about the Smorgasburg event at Needless to say, this is a wonderful event for both locals, tourists, and anyone in between. With lots of food, music and views, what’s not to love?


One day I was bored at work and truly questioned what it was that I was working for all this time. I was working, working, working with no end goal in sight. I could only imagine there were many others in my field that felt the same exact way. I was getting dressed daily in a button down shirt and slacks and it finally hit me.

If I created a new type of collar stays for men/women, where it reminded them daily as they are tackling the morning to put on What’s Money collar stay’s. I think this is a great idea and provides a mental note to ground everyone who wears one, even if it’s for the moment.