About Me




  • Values in life
    • Family is first.

      It’s my culture, my morals, and my blood.  Through good times and bad, I know that my family and closest friends are there to pick me up when needed.  It is they, who has molded me to the man that I’ve become and will continue to grow into.

      I’m a constant listener, learner, and educator.  It’s my belief that real experiences with good moral boundaries are absolutely necessary through every adolescent’s years.

      I’m very thankful to the many that have supported me throughout the years and among experiencing childhood adversity and diversity, I am forever humble.

  • Hobbies
    • When I’m not working, I thoroughly enjoy strolling through Manhattan with my girlfriend, keeping up with watching movies or watching basketball games with my closest friends.  Though, I can most certainly sit through basketball games all by myself.

  • Goals
    • Ultimately, I want to play my part in our society, whether that’s being a respectable businessman to a being an overall good role model. As times continue to change, I seek opportunities to share my experiences, both triumphs and failures in as many ways possible.

      We can all learn from each other’s mistakes.

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